Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International (ASI) campaigns to end slavery and tackle its root causes across the world.

ASI was initially founded as the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society in 1839 and relaunched in 1995 in its current form by the Quaker Michael Rendell Harris. ASI is the world’s oldest international human rights organisation, and bases its work on the United Nations treaties against slavery. It has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and observer status at the International Labour Organization. It is a non-religious, non-political independent organisation. ASI works closely with partner organisations from around the world to tackle all forms of slavery and states:

“People end up trapped in modern slavery because they are vulnerable to being tricked, trapped and exploited, often as a result of poverty and exclusion. Political, economic and social systems that disadvantage some  groups in society push people into taking risky decisions in search of opportunities to provide for their families. At the same time people may not have access to the sort of help and support that we take for granted – such as going to the police for help.”

Anti-Slavery International

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