Continuous Revelation

Continuous Revelation is the ongoing journey Friends experience to find spiritual truth.

Constant Seekers

We are constant Seekers within this world of ours, seeking a spiritual enlightenment to find the spiritual truth. We are on a continuous journey to find the truth as it revels itself to us.

There is no single point at which we find the ‘truth’. Rather it is the process of finding a variety truths that is important. Therefore, in a way, Continuous Revelation is a never ending quest to create new possibilities for what the truth is.

As Friends of the Truth, Quakers accept that there is no monopoly on truth and that whatever the truth is, it possible for the truth to change over time.

Continuous Revelation may be described as the Inner Light guiding us to be open enough to know knew things and change our beliefs accordingly.

If Quakerism was a fixed faith then, most likely, we would miss out the on the surprise and enrichment of discovering new truths. The events in our lives happen in a sequence threaded through time and it is the process of Continuous Revelation that opens us up to finding the meaning of spiritual truth.

Continuous Revelation is fluidity of faith.

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