At what point do you decide the Quaker faith is for you? For Friends, this moment is known as Convincement.

Convincement is the term used by Quakers for when a person has a spiritual insight that Quakerism is for them.

The Difference Between Conversion And Convincement

The difference between Conversion and Convincement is that Conversion is something that is done to you externally (such as a baptism) and Convincement is something that happens within you without any external ceremony – You have become ‘convinced’ that Quakerism is the path to take in your spiritual journey through life.

There is no time limit to be convinced and it can happen in any place. Like love, Convincement may come quickly or it may come slowly. The where and when don’t matter. What does matter is that the Spirit has moved within you.

Quaker Convincement isn’t to agree to any set creed or words, rather it is the decision to enrich your daily life through the Quaker Testimonies. People of all shapes and sizes can become convinced. British Quaker Faith & Practice states:

These people may have been drawn into the community by a sudden convincement, a long period of seeking, or have grown up within it from childhood. We also know that we are engaged in a life-long growth into faith, and experience a continuing irruption of grace into our lives which demands and sustains a commitment to a life of discipleship. We recognise this power at work in people of all ages, races and creeds: a transforming power which can issue in lives of joy, humility and service.

Quaker Faith & Practice, 10.02

Quakerism is a faith of Continuous Revelation, arguably making Convincement an ongoing process where you are always illuminated by the strength of the Inner Light.

Time and time again you will be convinced that you are a Friend living out the testimonies, and if not, maybe it is a different path that you seek.

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