Holding The Light

Holding the Light is the term for when a Friend gives spiritual thought and reflection to others.

Holding The Light actively seeks peace, healing, and well-being of body and mind for the other person/s. To hold someone in the light is not the process of prayer. Prayer is giving submission to a higher power in order to receive intervention on your behalf.

The Quaker Jessica Taylor describes it as follows:

“I will endeavour to keep you in mind and to act compassionately towards you. It is, in its essence, a call to action and a way of orienting myself to another.”

Jessica Taylor

Holding Someone In The Light

Holding Someone In The light may be thought of as wrapping a person in the warm light of love as it is both comforting and protective. Therefore, the holding often carried out when a Friend is dealing with sickness, difficult life circumstances or embarking on a new path.

Held Up To The Light

Friend/s can also be held up to the light. This where light is seen as guidance for the friend being held. As the first generation Friend James Nayler wrote:

“Art thou in the darkness? Mind it not, for if thou dost it will feed thee more. But stand still, and act not, and wait in patience, till light arises out of darkness and leads thee.”

James Nayler

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