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Lincolnshire Area Meeting Newsletter

Upcoming Events

8 April: Hope, Spring, Light and New Life
Another opportunity for Friends to share ideas and readings, poems, experiences etc.
Hosted by Newark Quakers

17 April: Spring Crafting Event
Friends are encouraged to start crafting now and to bring along items to ‘Show & Tell’.

8 May: Area Meeting Fellowship Day
This will be held via Zoom and will include representatives from the Book of Discipline Revision Committee.

4 July: Annual Picnic
It is hope that this will take place on the beach at Moggs Eye.

Past Events

20 March: Lincoln Zoom Social Meeting
Bring your own cake, beverage, party hat? Recitation, joke, song, pet.
Hosted by Lincoln Quakers

25 March: Personal Journeys
Three more Friends will describe their journey to Quakerism.
Hosted by Newark Quakers

14 March: Area Meeting for Worship for Business
Hosted by Lincoln Quakers

11 March: Living Our Quaker Faith From Day to Day
Hosted by Newark Quakers

22 February: Becoming An Actively Anti-Racist Church
Hosted by Lincolnshire Area Meeting

11 February: Hope Not Hate
A look at local race and diversity issues
Hosted by Newark Quakers

28 January: Book Evening
Three more Friends will talk a little about a book they have read
Hosted by Newark Quakers

25 January: Assisted Dying Discussion
Lincolnshire Friends are joined by a guest speaker who is a solicitor specializing in wills and probate.

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