Loyal Address To King Charles III

On 8 March 2023 Quakers were in Buckingham Palace to give a loyal address to King Charles III

The Society of Friends is one of only 27 so-called ‘privileged bodies’ which retain the historic right to present an address to the British sovereign in person. Nowadays this right is restricted to significant occasions in the life of the monarch. They are chosen for their cultural significance and “reflect the United Kingdom’s diverse society, drawn from the education sector, as well as incorporating science, arts, and religious institutions”.

Read by Leasa Lambert of the Black, Brown and People of Colour Quaker Fellowship, the address highlighted the King’s commitment to the climate crisis and emphasized that the solution requires “disrupting existing economic systems”.

As with many Loyal Addresses over the centuries, it also reiterated the Quakers’ commitment to peace. “We may think wars end through force of arms or negotiation, but peace is maintained by building relationships, mutual dependency and shared prosperity,” Leasa Lambert read.

The last time Quakers addressed the monarch in this way was in 2012, when the then Queen, Elizabeth II, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. The first was in the late 17th century when Margaret Fell adrdressed King Charles II with the declaration of the Peace Testimony.

In his response speech, King Charles said:

“I can assure you that your strong support will sustain me in the future, as it sustained my late mother and father in the past. That is why, together with The Queen Consort, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the generosity with which you have renewed your pledges of loyalty and affection today.”

King Charles III

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