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Lincolnshire Area Meeting Newsletter

Upcoming Events

8 April: Hope, Spring, Light and New Life
Another opportunity for Friends to share ideas and readings, poems, experiences etc.
Hosted by Newark Quakers

Past Events

20 March: Lincoln Zoom Social Meeting
Bring your own cake, beverage, party hat? Recitation, joke, song, pet.
Hosted by Lincoln Quakers

25 March: Personal Journeys
Three more Friends will describe their journey to Quakerism.
Hosted by Newark Quakers

14 March: Area Meeting for Worship for Business
Hosted by Lincoln Quakers

11 March: Living Our Quaker Faith From Day to Day
Hosted by Newark Quakers

22 February: Becoming An Actively Anti-Racist Church
Hosted by Lincolnshire Area Meeting

11 February: Hope Not Hate
A look at local race and diversity issues
Hosted by Newark Quakers

28 January: Book Evening
Three more Friends will talk a little about a book they have read
Hosted by Newark Quakers

25 January: Assisted Dying Discussion
Lincolnshire Friends were joined by a guest speaker who is a solicitor specializing in wills and probate. The meeting heard about how the current law operated and how judges are generally sympathetic but have their hands tied. Several friends gave testimony of how the topic of assisted dying has influenced their lives and the decisions they wish to make regarding their own death. The meeting also heard testimony about disability and the right to choose.

Hard questions were asked and no easy answers provided. Everyone was in agreement that further discussion is required.