PHB Ethical Beauty

Handmade in the UK, PHB Ethical Beauty offers a range of natural, Vegan, cruelty free and alcohol free beauty products.

PHB stands for Pure Handmade British and the company’s commitment is that all of their beauty products have to be 100% naturally derived and ethical. This means no animal derived ingredients, toxic synthetic chemicals, harsh alcohols or GMO’s. They use ethical ingredients, sustainably sourced and organic where possible.

PHB Ethical Beauty’s philosophy:

“We believe that the earth provides us with everything you need to have healthy, happy skin. Mother nature has a remedy for all your skins needs and there is no need to use animal ingredients or harmful synthetic chemicals. We feel it’s our responsibility to have a positive impact on the planet, to care for our environment and for the welfare of animals. This is why our entire range is certified Vegan & Cruelty Free.”

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