Quaker Quiz

1. How many panels are in the Quaker Tapestry?

2. What was the name of the first ship to carry Quakers to the American colonies?

3. Where is the oldest Meeting House in the world still in continuous use today?

4. The Quaker Bell in Philadelphia, now known more famously as the Liberty Bell, has an inscription from which Book of the Old Testament?

5. Quaker chemist Charles Elmer Hires pioneered the mass manufacture of the soft drinks industry with which beverage?

6. The Benefit Club, widely accepted as the worlds first savings bank, was established by which Friend?

7. The red and black four-pointed star was adopted by the Quakers during which war?

8. Samuel Fox opened arguably the world's first adult school in which British City?

9. The city of Philadelphia was founded by William Penn in what year?

10. The Dewdrop Inn (a pun on 'Do Drop in' ) was a homeless shelter in London founded by who?