Quakers In Britain

Quakers In Britain is the public-facing name for British Yearly Meeting, which both organises and supports British Quakers.

British Yearly Meeting

British Yearly Meeting (BYM) is made up of many different meetings, groups and committees across England, Wales & Scotland. Most of the work is done by volunteers within the Quaker community supported from BYM’s paid staff. Most of BYM’s staff are based at Friends House, London, which is the central hub for organising the society’s British Friends.

BYM describes itself as a radical faith community that works across borders and beliefs to “to create a more just, equal and peaceful world”. It says says of young adult quakers:

“For many young adults Quakerism expresses itself in community work, campaigning and activism. Young adult Quaker communities can be spaces to develop connection, share experiences, and find belonging.”

British Yearly Meeting

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