Thatcher’s Statue

Due to be be unveiled sometime in 2021, the statue of Margaret Thatcher is as controversial as the women herself.

Born in Grantham in 1925, where her father owned a greengrocers shop on the corner of North parade,  Thatcher attended Grantham Girls’ School and went to the Methodist church on Finkin Street. She became a Conservative MP in 1959 and then Prime Minister in 1979.

So, why is the statue of Britain’s first female leader controversial?

There are two main reasons. Firstly, Thatcher did very little for the town and it’s widely believed she had disdain for her working class Lincolnshire roots. Secondly, the statue is costing the local council around £100,000 – a large amount of money that many argue could be better spent.

The statue will be placed on a 10ft plinth to avoid vandalism. However, rather than acting as a deterrent this only acts as a challenge to those wishing to protest. To date, over 14,000 people have signed up to an egg throwing event, posted on facebook.

When the statue is finally unveiled, I for one, will definitely throw an egg at it.

What the Thatcher statue will look like (ugly isn’t it?)

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