Lincoln CND Remembered

CND member and Quaker, Ray Longmore has written a short memoir of his time campaigning for nuclear disarmament.

Ray grew up grew up in Lincolnshire during the 1960s. It was some 20 years later in January 1980 that he heard of a peaceful demonstration taking place in front of Lincoln’s war memorial. The reason for the ‘demo’ was in opposition to the the recent decision by the UK Government to allow the deployment of 160 American Tomahawk cruise missiles on British soil.

He went along and afterwards:

“There began a 12 year association with this brilliant organisation of spirited individuals determined to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy that nuclear weapons have kept the peace since 1945. The doctrine of deterrence was MAD (mutually assured destruction), the balance of terror we were all expected to live with, regardless of the risks.”

Ray Longmore

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